Tucker Robinson (Head brewer, owner)

After a 10 year stint as an archaeologist in the region, Tucker decided that crafting beer was his true passion in life. Years of home brewing and an internship at Swiftwater Brewing Company provided him with a basis from which to launch a foray into brewing for a larger audience. As a brewer, Tucker likes to explore a range of beers including but not limited to sours (kettle and barrel aged), IPAs, Saisons, and Belgian beers. When not in the brewery (so infrequently!) Tucker can be found hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, or otherwise exploring this amazing corner of our state with his wife and daughter. 

Amy Meyerhofer (Bar manager, events coordinator, distribution)

Amy has done it all. A relative new comer to southwest Colorado, Amy has spent the last decade splitting her time between managing craft beer and cocktail bars in downtown San Francisco and leading multiple week backcountry outdoor education and rehabilitation trips in southeast Alaska. With a passion for all things beer, Amy's big smile and sparkling personality greets each patron as they come to the bar to order a beer. In her off hours, Amy cruses the county roads on her Harley Davidson, hikes, bikes, runs, and enjoys time with her partner and their two cats.  

Doug Bagge (Finance guy, owner)

When Doug started home brewing with Tucker many years ago, he had no idea how far this friendship would go! Doug jumped on board with the idea of WildEdge early, as a nice complement to his real job as an orthopedic surgeon in Cortez. Doug helps out in the brew house whenever possible as well as makes sure the books are in order (and that Tucker doesn't spend too much money!). When not brightening up the tap room with his infectious smile and charisma, Doug and his wife rip up the local mountain bike trails and ski slopes trying to keep up with their two children. 

Jake Reed (Head of food, bartender)

Jake joined the WildEdge family in the summer of 2018 after moving to Montezuma County from Phoenix, AZ. Jake has a culinary degree from The Arizona Culinary Institute in Phoenix, and uses his talents to enrich our small menu of locally sourced food with seasonal specials, and uniquely local flavors. When not in the kitchen, Jake is behind the bar pouring perfect pints and engaging in lively conversation with our guests. On off hours, Jake is constantly cooking in his tiny home, and exploring our incredible corner of the state. 

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